TSQL-Tuesday #108: A Journey Into CI/CD

This month’s TSQL Tuesday is hosted by Malathi Mahadevan (w | t) and she asks us to write about one thing you want to learn that is not SQL Server. As a database administrator in SQL Server you might think it’s easy to think we only deal with that technology. But the role of the database administrator has been changing for a while now and we need to know more about other technologies besides SQL Server.

To Fail Is To Succeed

There must be 100 articles about this subject but I always like to talk about things that happen to me or where I have an opinion. I was reading a blog post by Ben Kubicek about allowing failure and I agree with a lot of things. I’m a parent of two adorable kids. The oldest is 4 years old and the youngest is almost 2. The youngest one is walking around but the oldest will not stop running, climbing on stuff, and seeing how far she can go.

Working hard pays off

On Monday, October 1st, 2018 I was awarded the Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP award. I did not know about it until a few days after because I was busy renovating my office. During the renovation, I did not regularly check my e-mail and the notification slipped through the cracks. Two days later at 6 AM, I checked my e-mail and jumped up. I saw an email that started “Congratulation…” from the MVP Global Administrator.

Troubleshooting Dynamic SSRS Queries

The Problem In my daily work I have to work with a lot of SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports that have either stored procedures, queries, or dynamic queries to get all the results. Troubleshooting dynamic SSRS queries can sometimes be difficult. That is especially the case when you’re dealing with multiple hundreds of lines of code all generated dynamically. An example of such an error is: Because the query is generated during execution using all kinds of parameters, you don’t know what the query looks like exactly.

TSQL-Tuesday #104: Code You Would Hate To Live Without

This month’s TSQL Tuesday is hosted by Bert Wagner (w | t) and he asks us to write about code you’ve written that you would hate to live without. Over the years I’ve used other people’s code regularly. It could have gone from Github, Stack Overflow, blogs, etc. I have always appreciated the way the SQL Server community (and other communities) share their code to help others. I have worked alongside lots of people who were not very keen on sharing.

Decrypting SQL Server Objects with dbatools

There are lots of great articles that describe how the command for decrypting SQL Server objects when they’re saved with encryption like Encrypting and Decrypting SQL Server Stored Procedures, Views, and User-Defined Functions Simple Way to Decrypt SQL Server Stored Procedure Most of them rely on T-SQL and SSMS but I wanted to do the same thing with PowerShell. This way I can execute it for several objects at a time and maybe even in multiple databases and instances.