T-SQL Tuesday 122# Imposter syndrome

My T-SQL contribution for this month discusses imposter syndrome. This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Jon Shaulis. Jon invites us all to write about when we have seen, experienced, or overcome imposter syndrome. You can read more about the invite in detail by clicking on the T-SQL Tuesday logo.

My Experience

I’ve had my fair share of experiences with imposter syndrome in my career.

My first time was when I first went on SQL Cruise, now called Tech Outbound, and I had the privilege to meet people like Aaron Bertrand, Grant Fritchey, Kevin Kline, etc.

I remember walking up to the group and I did not know how to react to them. These were the people I read all their books from and read all the articles that helped me in my career. How do you talk to people that you idolize?

The good thing though, and now that I’m more involved in the community I see it happening, is that they’re just people like you and me. I was welcomed into the group like one of them and I am still honored to call them my friends.

They told me that I should not put them on a pedestal because I would know a lot of things they would not know. At first, I thought that was just to make it easier on me, but during the trip, I was able to teach people things I knew. That let me think about what experience and knowledge I had gained during my career and started to list everything up. That was the point that I wanted to present sessions at conferences which changed my life.

As the years passed the imposter syndrome was not as frequent as before. I still think that some people are way more experienced than I am and I have big respect for them. The imposter syndrome has been replaced with respect for the individual for their contributions to the field and the community.

Some advice to get you going

If you experience imposter syndrome, don’t be intimidated. Do not compare yourself to others, but compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. In the end, be humble because that’s what will make you go the furthest.