New year and new blog

New year and new blog

It has been a looong time since I last wrote a blog post. Not because I have been lazy, but because I have been busy with other things. I have been working on moving my blog to a new engine and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally ready.

What happened?

Well, we all know that things turned out for the worst in 2020 with the pandemic. That year I and Kevin Chant did about 20 sessions for many different events. We also did a lot of work for the community and we were able to help a lot of people.

With that, I wasn’t able to write a lot of blog posts. I tried though but I just couldn’t find the time to do it.

Personally, things have been very tough the last couple of years as well. I went through a divorce and that didn’t make things easier. It was a very stressful time, but I’m happy to say that I’m doing much better now.

What’s new

So now that things are better, I have more time to write again.

The blog has been moved to Hugo which is a static site generator. That combined with GitHub workflows makes it very easy to write and publish blog posts. I wasn’t satisfied with WordPress anymore and I wanted to move to something else. I’ve been using Hugo for a while now and I like it. It’s very easy to use and it’s very fast.

What’s next

There are lots of parts moving and this year is going to be exciting for all the new stuff that’s coming.

I’m also working on a new project that I hope to be able to share with you soon.

You can be sure that I will be writing more this year and I hope you will enjoy it.

I will be presenting at the following events this year. Look at the sessions page for more information.


If you have any feedback, please let me know. I’m always looking for ways to improve my blog.