Resource Governor Pool Calculator


I was very interested in the new features of SQL 2008, especially the Resource Governor.

By implementing the Resource Governor you need to calculate the maximum shared and the calculated maximum. In the MSDN documentation “Resource Governor Concepts”, Microsoft explains how this can be calculated.

Because I like to let computers do as much for me automatically as possible I created an Excel document that calculates the values for you.

The Excel sheet looks as below:


Note: In the original document the columns don’t have a color. I only colored the columns to make it easier to explain the document.

The only fields that need to be filled in are the green columns. Don’t change any other column because this will break the formulas within the cells.

The total minimum value may not exceed 100%. If it does happen a warning will show. Hope this document helps you out.

If you have any comments please post them. ResourceGovernor PoolCalculator